Cheese Appetizers

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

Saganaki is Greek.  It's fried cheese (kefalotiri cheese), herbed and lemony - and, most dramatically, set afire for your dining entertainment.  Served with our warm, fresh pita.  Opa!
Artichoke Truffles are a Feeding Frenzy favorite.   They're also a little hard to explain.  They've got a bright center of artichoke heart.   The artichoke is rolled in herbed,  creamy cheese.   And then the Truffle is rolled in herbed parmesan.   These disappear.   It's magic.
Goat Cheese Tartlets are made in phyllo shells.   The shells are filled with a very mild French chevre, fresh basil and tomato, and pine nuts.   Then they're baked.   Oh, yum!
Mineirinhos are Brazilian.  Try to picture a bite-sized, sharp-cheesed quiche, full of olives and with a good, peppery bite.  Good served warm or cold.  Terrific with drinks (quite salty).
Feeding Frenzy Cheese Platters are not the predictable, tame affairs you'll find elsewhere.  We know and love cheese.   We promise you a tray of international cheeses that complements the rest of your table in novel and luxurious ways.  We strongly suggest that, when you order this,  you also order a good selection of fresh, seasonal fruit.  This works wonderfully on an hors d'oeuvres buffet - but also at the end of a hearty meal.  The great French food philosopher Brillat-Savarin wrote that a great meal that does not end with fruit and cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye.  Sexist, perhaps - but you do get the idea, right?
Cheese Fondues are available.  Fondue is getting, oddly, kind of fashionable again, along with lounge music and 60s sitcoms.  And it's good alright - rich with gruyere and other cheeses, brightened with kirsch.  Warm and satisfying.  Some food clichés got to be clichés for GOOD reasons.  Other fondues, cheese and otherwise, appetizers and otherwise, are certainly also available.  Don't be embarrassed.  At the very worst, it's yummy fun that puts the kitsch back in kitchen.
Marinated mozzarella.  We use soft, days-fresh and locally-made mozzarella and marinate it for a good, long time in basil, garlic, chopped roasted sweet red pepper, and olive oil.  Served with my favorite Sicilian olives and, of course, bread.  Beautiful.
Fried sage leaves are an Italian tradition, and available only seasonally.  Asiago cheese is sandwiched betwixt two sage leaves and the whole works are lightly battered and fried quickly in olive oil.  Not for the buffet - doesn't hold well.  Fresh, it is magic.