Elegant Junk Food


Cacahuates (Oh, my...)

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

These peanuts - Cacahuates - are pan-toasted with chipotle chilies and garlic.  They're salty and spicy, which is exactly what you want sometimes.
So you want Nachos?  We got Nachos, buddy.  We make our own refritos, our own guacamole, and our own salsa.  Our nachos can be vegetarian or even Vegan, if you like - or, of course, as meaty and cheesy as you like.  A personal favorite is shredded, spicy pork and a wide array of grilled vegetables.  And 'way too much cheese.  And olives.  But yours can be a bit less... ambitious.
I encountered Paozinhos de presunto e queijo (bread of ham and cheese) in a Brazilian context - but it's junk food, alright.   Great junk food.  Basically, it's paper thin slices of ham and jack cheese, rolled cigar-fashion into a flattened-out bit of French bread dough.  Baked golden brown, they're yummy warm or cold, by themselves or to dunk in soup.  Sort of like a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.  Doesn't have to be jack cheese, of course.   And there doesn't have to be ham.  We make 'em.  We can do anything you want.
Sweet Potato Chips are served very hot (right out of the fryer), lightly salted, and with a dash of balsamic vinegar or Tabasco.  Trust me.  Probably the best lunchtime side dish there is - and a lot of fun with drinks.
Our Fried Plantains are peppery and garlicky - all kinds of flavor contrasts your mouth at once.  If you're really brave, and don't mind spending a little money, we'll fry them in azeite dende (unprocessed palm oil imported from Brazil) for an unforgettable and indescribable treat.   Azeite dende, as you may not know, makes all other saturated vegetable fats seem pretty healthy by comparison.  So if you're watching your diet, probably you want to stick with peanut oil.  But once in a while...
Fried Okra is, outside of gumbo, the only okra most northerners can tolerate.  Ours is spicy, breaded and fried to a satisfying CRUNCH.   Goes really well with cold beer.



Brazilian Antipasti

This is a sort of Brazilian Antipasti platter.  The items on it are, clockwise from the top:  Marinated (spicy!) olives, Pan-toasted seasoned almonds, marinated anchovies, and pickled shallots.   The flowers are edible, as are, of course, the coconuts.