Meat Appetizers


Meat and Cheese Platter

Cold Meat & Cheese Platter

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

Pork Loin, pierced through with garlic and rosemary, roasted, sliced thin and served with a smooth, powerfully garlicked aioli.   Frequently served cold.
Proscuitto and Fresh Figs (in season) are a timeless Italian classic.  The paper thin proscuitto combines with dazzlingly rich fig for an unforgettable mouthful.  Yes, yes... you could have melon, too, or instead, if you like.  Figs are better.
Feeding Frenzy Meatballs are freshly ground veal and pork, well seasoned.  These guys are actually roasted, not fried, and can be served in a variety of sauces - usually a red sauce, but in a meaty dark brown sauce or even, for those of you needing a trip to the tiki bar, sweet and sour.   If the veal makes you squeamish, we could substitute lean ground beef.
Quibe (also Kibe or Qibe) are wonderful lamb meatballs, flavored with mint and the nuttiness of bulghar wheat.   Deep, dark, and full of texture, they are of Lebanese origin, but have been adopted into the family of Brazilian salgadinhos.  We regularly serve these with a fresh tzatziki sauce (yoghurt and cucumber).  Yum.
Frango a passarinho is another of the salgadinhos from Brazil.  It is small pieces of chicken marinated in lime and peppers and roasted with lots of garlic at very high heat, to seal in all the wonderful the juices and to maximize tenderness.  Oh, my.
Cold Meat Platters may be a commonplace of caterers and delis everywhere, but Feeding Frenzy has uncommon resources.  Our platters are loaded with unusual Mediterranean charcuterie that your meat-eating guests will love.  The selection changes with availability (some of our sources do very custom work and that takes time and patience).