Seafood Appetizers

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available.  Hot seafood appetizers are NOT suggested for buffet-style service.

Kalamari Friti is like popcorn.  Light, fresh, a bit salty - absolutely irresistible.  Don't be afraid of it just because it's squid.  Squid can be beautiful.
Feeding Frenzy uses only the freshest bay scallops which are soaked in lime juice briefly and then sautéed quickly - very quickly - and served hot and plump and tender.
Our grilled prawns are marinated in a fiery tomato/chili pepper sauce and then grilled with their tails on (they're easier to eat with the fingers that way) and then iced.  Or, for lighter fare, we marinate them in citrus juices before grilling them.
Salmon Lynettes are a Feeding Frenzy original - incredibly rich:  a spicy smoked salmon mousse made with coconut milk, piped into tiny puff paste shells and topped with a bit of sour cream and a sprinkling of capers.
Mussels and clams, heated in the shell in olive oil, herbs, and garlic.  Good with lots and lots of lemon, served hot or cold.   Terrific on our fresh, warm bread.
Ahi (tuna) marinated in garlicky coconut milk and grilled quickly over high heat to hold in the tenderness of the fish.  We serve this cold with crackers and creamy, herbed goat cheese.