Spreads, Dips, and Sauces

Bob Dip and Cannolini Bean Paste

Bob Dip on Valentine's Day (with cannellini bean paste and crackers)

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available.

Hummous is well-known.  Feeding Frenzy Hummous is on the "rustic" side - coarse-ground with lots of garlic and tahini.  A BIG mouthful of flavor.  Served with our own fresh pitas. 
Bob Dip is a spicy, rich paste of cheese, garlic, and tomato, served with  fresh, crunchy baguettes.   Bob Dip is addicting as all get out.  You'd better get some of this.
Country pates and terrines are a favorite here, but take time to make.   We make them to your specifications and so must have at least two weeks' notice prior to your engagement.  Trust me.  It's worth the wait.
Once again, subtlety loses out to big flavors and significant textures: the avocados for our Guacamole are only roughly mashed - on purpose, and there are pieces of tomato.  Chipotle chilies are used to give our sauce a smokiness, and lemons and cilantro to give it brightness.   Lots of warm tortilla chips, and if you're really nice you also get our homemade salsa.
Ever TRIED whipped mortadella?    Wow.  Mortadella may be the papa of American bologna - but forget that for a minute, would you?   Mortadella is rich and earthily spiced, and when we whip it (and perform other small modifications) it is glorious on bread or crackers (or fingers or whatever happens to get in its way).
Craig's hot crab dip is not just hot - it's creamy, mild comfort food.  Ahhh...  subtlety wins the race on this one.