Marinated Vegetable Platter (Antipasti)

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

Purple onions marinated in a white vinaigrette with fresh rosemary and pink peppercorns.  These onions are mild and lightly crunchy.  Incredibly refreshing.
Artichoke Truffles - two rich, scrumptious layers of herbed cheese with a marinated artichoke heart center.   Good grief...
Our Corn Fritters are a little spicy, a little rich.  Light, for corn fritters anyway, and fun - we optionally serve these little fellas with New Hampshire maple syrup.  Mmmmmm...
Vegetable Pakoras are Indian vegetable fritters - we use all kinds of vegetables, dipped in a chick-pea batter and fried.  I love these things.  They hold well as a hot appetizer.
Roasted sweet red peppers in olive oil and Marsala wine.  Plenty of garlic and fresh basil.  This is a rich and sweet without being cloying.
Spicy baby carrots with jalapenos in herbed white vinegar with just a trace of honey.
Grilled Chayote squash.   Bright and crunchy, with a bit of lime and lightly salted.  Also grilled portabella mushrooms, sliced and marinated in balsamic vinegar.  And tender baby asparagus spears, marinated in rice vinegar and soy sauce and quickly grilled.  These are all often served cold.
New red potatoes, roasted with lemon, garlic, a bit of olive oil, and plenty of dill.  We love to serve these cold as a fresh alternative to potato salad
Whole heads of garlic, mellowed to a warm, nutty flavor by a slow roasting process.  Served with plenty of olive oil and our own freshly baked bread.