Cookies and Bars

Like all Lemon Bars, ours are  lemon curd (rich, tart, smooth) and are dusted with confectioner's sugar.  Unlike most of them, these are built on buttery shortbread.   A small change, at first glance.  From the first bite, though, you know this is a huge advance.  Ours are adapted from a recipe by Rose Levy Beranbaum.
Feeding Frenzy Shortbread is, while were on the subject, pretty amazing on its own.  Tender, not too sweet, meltingly delightful.
Our  Panelets are scandalously rich.  Made from yam, coconut and almonds, these have a lovely dry crust that yields to a dreamy, soft flesh. 
We make a bar cookie version of our extremely popular Linzertorte.  Freshly roasted hazelnuts and butter make a soft and luxuriously rich base to fill with raspberry puree.
Our Snickerdoodles are traditional - crispy with a sort of wiggledy, cinnamon-y top.   They melt in your mouth.
What would a list of cookies be without Chocolate Chip Nut Cookies.   Ours are chewy and FULL of chocolate chips.
This doesn't even really scratch the surface of the sorts of cookies we love to make.   We make Madeleines and Krumkake and macaroons and date bars and butter cookies and on and on and on.   Just ask us.   We'll make them.