Feijoada Completa (literally "complete bean feast") is usually cited as the national dish of Brazil:  Rich black beans are cooked with more naturally smoked meat than a normal person could possibly visualize. They're served with rice, a huge array of wonderful condiments, sausages, collard greens, and grilled, smoked pork chops.  This is a wonderful, enormous treat.  Also, as you can imagine, rather expensive.  Worth it.  Totally worth it.  Our restaurant Brasil was the first, in 1988, to bring this astounding meal to the Northwest, and we've been doing it ever since. 
From the north of Brazil, in Bahia, comes Vatapá.   Hot, bright orange, and more than a little odd for Americans.  But, if you and your guests are up to the challenge:  it's basically chicken and shrimp, coconut and peppers, and something called Azeite Dendé (raw, red palm oil), all served over rice. It's exotic and unexpected and uncompromisingly delicious.
Another northern treat is Moqueca de Peixe.   It's a savory, unusual fish stew, with a coconut/palm oil base.   This can be spicy hot or mild.  We like it both ways.
I love Tutú.   At Brasil, our restaurant, we used beans from the feijoada to make this thick, dark black bean "cake", but tutú basically is simply well seasoned black beans and manioc meal combined and baked, then served with rice and grilled meat.  Rich and compulsively eatable without being quite the overwhelming commitment that feijoada is.
At Brasil, we called them Filezinhos.   Actually, there is a dish with that name in Brazil but this isn't it.   These skewers were the result of a lucky misunderstanding I had over the phone with a woman at a time when my Portuguese was even worse than it is now.  I made what it was I imagined her to be talking about and everyone loved it.  We served literally tens of thousands of them at the restaurant, at the Bite of Seattle, Fiestas Patrias, and the Pike Place Market Street Fair.  Even at our local Brazilian Carnivals each year.  They are, simply, citrus marinated beef, good pitted olives, pineapple, and onion on a skewer, breaded and deep-fried.  Not a proud culinary moment, I grant you.  But, man, people go just loopy over these things.  And they hold pretty well, too.  You might seriously want to consider these, even if they are deep-fried beef.