Rice and Bean Dishes

Paella is Spanish.  I first made paella at the side of the Valenciana housekeeper of a friend in Barcelona.   This is a special-days dish if ever there was one.  Best when prepared on site.   Paella is rice with chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, and saffron.  Needless to say - not inexpensive.
All Risotti are, at base,  rice cooked in some kind of broth, usually with some kind of cheese.   Then the adventure starts.  Depending on the cook, the season, and the region, one might find everything from apples  to wild mushrooms, from seafood to veal in one's risotto.  You only need to ask.
A classic Cassoulet is made with goose or duck comfit, garlic sausages, mutton, and little white beans.   Oh, dear.   Peasant food can be pretty decadent.
Red Beans and Rice speaking of decadent peasant food - our red beans and rice are spicy and rich, smoky and earthy.   We make also make a vegetarian rendition that will make you forget you're not eating meat.   It is truly wonderful.
Jambalaya is one of the great treats of the deep south.   Rice and sausages and seafood.