Potato Salads

Potato Salad is so abused in this country.  I promise you that most of the time if you're buying pre-made potato salad (from a restaurant, deli, or grocer) it was made in a factory far from where you're buying it.   Probably not a surprise, right?  But what will be a surprise is how marvelous really fresh Potato Salad can be.   Perfect vegetables, not overcooked, combined artfully with our own mayonnaise dressing (our mayonnaise is lovely, if we do say so ourselves) - these things make our potato salad a new experience, or, at least, a deeply, lovingly nostalgic one.
Frankly, I have no idea if German Potato Salad really is a German invention, or not.  Ours is traditional:  potatoes, bacon, vinegar, and usually served warm.  It is soothing and delicious - and very, very rich.
A Feeding Frenzy original, our Sweet Potato Salad dazzles.  It's actually made with both Sweet Potatoes and Yams, as well as apples and sautéed sweet onion.  The dressing is a brightly seasoned lime vinaigrette.   This is unique and colorful - a summertime side-dish that your guests will enjoy, even while muttering that they've never had anything quite like it before.  And that's what we want, right?
Copied from the Vegetable Appetizers section, this bears repeating here:   New red potatoes, roasted with lemon, garlic, a bit of olive oil, and plenty of dill.  We love to serve these cold as a fresh alternative to potato salad   Seriously, consider these when you have us cater your picnic.