Broth Soups

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

In an unusual move, Feeding Frenzy's Chicken Noodle Soup starts with an actual chicken.  The broth is rich, with a clean, fresh finish, full of vegetables and big fat homemade egg noodles.  This is what "comfort food" means.
Onion Soup.  Oh, yeah.  You know what it is.   We make it with your choice of dark, full-bodied beef broth or a fresh caramelized onion stock.  We add fresh slices of Marsala-sautéed onion, big slabs of fresh Italian bread, and a pile of gruyere cheese... and broil the whole thing until it's browned, bubbly, and dangerously good.   It ain't subtle.  But it eats.  Know what I mean?
Caldo Verde isn't for everybody.  It's a Portuguese kale soup.  Chicken stock and potatoes form the base, but the main thing is that the kale adds a powerful earthiness that makes this soup uniquely flavorful.  Finished with olive oil, fresh croutons, and thinly sliced linguica.   Yum.
Our Minestrone is a fragrant, vegan take on the Italian classic.  Fresh herbs, crisp vegetables, homemade pasta, and lots of beans make a soup that's substantial and refreshing at once.  A great late summer/early fall treat.
I love Beef Barley Soup.    Ours has big chunks of beef, lots and lots of barley, onions, carrots, and lots of other vegetables in our deep, beefy broth.   We also make a killer Roasted Vegetable Barley soup, which is another vegetarian option.
Vegan Vegetable Soup can be hearty and exciting.  Ours is loaded with roasted root vegetables, fresh herbs, and wonderful touches like chayote squash, baby bok choy, and (with your permission) grilled plantains.   Oh, yum.  Yum.  Yum.