Cream Soups

Fresh Cream of Tomato Soup

Cream of Fresh Tomato & Basil Soup (Shown here with a paozinho - brazillian ham and cheese bread)

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

Feeding Frenzy Mushroom Soup is an original  house specialty.  A powerful mushroom stock and double cream form the basis of this soup.  Then whole mushrooms, lots of them, are sautéed in lots of garlic and finished with Marsala wine.  The effect is magical - especially when served with good, crusty bread.  This is a vegetarian soup
Our Ham and Cheese Soup made its first appearance locally on the Brasil restaurant menu.  It earned rave reviews (along with our other soups) in the Weekly, the PI, the Times, and the Gourmet Notebook.  It is simple and comforting - a milk/potato-based soup, made savory with sharp white cheese and fresh, smoky ham.   Very thick.  My daughter recommends sourdough hard rolls to go with this one (she has the same thing every birthday).
Summertime is a lovely time to try our cool, rich Roasted Red Pepper Soup.  Yogurt and coconut milk are the heart of this soup, which manages to be bright and subtly dark at the same time.   This is another vegetarian soup.
Cream of Tomato doesn't have to taste like glue.  Ours is bright with basil and fresh tomatoes - and not too much cream.   We also make a variation with pancetta (Italian bacon) for a light smokiness that doesn't distract you from what you came here for:  the good, fresh taste of roma tomatoes.
We have creamy, cold fruit soups.  These are a fine start to a big summer meal - or can come at any time during the meal for a refreshing pause in the action - or at the close of a meal.   We use only fresh fruits for these, so seasonal availability is, of course, a relevant concern when planning to include a fruit soup in your meal.
Okay.  So Avgolemeno soup doesn't actually have any dairy in it at all.  But it in any case is a soothingly creamy, marvelous soup.  This Greek rice, lemon, and egg soup is a classic in the literal sense.
Sopa de Milho e Camarao is another soup from Brasil (restaurant and country).  This translates as "soup of corn and shrimp", and that is exactly what it is - intensely.  But it is a creamy, warming soup that can make a terrific, satisfying meal.

Fresh Mushroom Soup, with Cream and Marsala

Cream of Mushroom Soup (Shown here with a slice of our own Corn Meal Rosemary bread)