Fish Soups

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

Clam Chowder.  You know what this is.  Feeding Frenzy chowder is about fresh geoduck clams, big chunks of potato, onion, bacon.  It's as fattening as possible:  fresh sweet cream and butter.   Rich and warm and comforting.
We operate under the assumption (corroborated by many eaters of our acquaintance) that the best Oyster Stew is a simple, quiet dish.   Ours is fresh, fresh oysters, the best butter and milk... and that's pretty much it.  Some fresh ground black pepper.  Tradition stops elaborating there because sometimes you have to stop messing with perfection.
Bouillabaisse.   You like fish?  Shellfish?  Saffron?  We do.   This comforting, brothy seafood soup is a French classic.  We use lots of fresh clams, mussels, and white fish.  This dish is most practical on a seasonal basis.  One can now get pretty good seafood year-round, but, really, the local stuff is better, when we can get it, and less expensive for both of us.
It probably wouldn't do much good to say that our Sopa de Peixe is a little like Xin Xin de Peixe turned into a soup, would it?  Never mind.  This is what it is:  Fresh seasonal white fish in a wonderful, spicy coconut milk laced broth.  We add some red palm oil (a Brazilian/West African touch - unique, sweet, aromatic) and some Brazilian peppers.    So many rich, diverting flavors all at once.  But you can handle it.
Gumbo.  This is a full-on file gumbo.   BIG food.  I won't kid you:  this is expensive (prices certainly vary seasonally).  Because there's no point in doing gumbo half-way, is there?  All kinds of seafood, and sausages... and lots and lots of it.  Rich, spicy, WARM.   Gumbo is a luxury that everyone should afford themselves from time-to-time.   This is also the only soup I've ever written a song about.