Daniel has been cooking professionally on and off for 30 years.  He was chef/co-owner of the restaurants Brasil (throughout its existence) and Hot Dish (from its inception until July 2007).  He was also chef/co-owner of the catering company Feeding Frenzy. 

Daniel currently is selling cheese and Mediterranean groceries at Big John's PFI in Seattle.  He also designs and implements their website and writes the entries in their cheese library

Daniel writes about food in his food blog right here on the Feeding Frenzy site

Daniel does personal chef work for small and private events/affairs.  Call 206-992-1387 for more information.  For an idea of what Daniel does, check out the old Feeding Frenzy marketing pages.

Daniel volunteers three hours every week in the kitchen at Chicken Soup Brigade, which is the food service branch of Lifelong AIDS Alliance.  They can always use more skilled volunteer labor in the kitchen and Daniel urges chefs and other professional foodies to contact Lifelong AIDS Alliance for more information.

Daniel lives in the Hillman City neighborhood of Seattle with his partner Craig and their cats Elphaba, Buddha and Walter the Chupacabra.  He has two children and two grandchildren. 

Daniel collects cookbooks and is an internet food nerd.  He's also a raging liberal.