Stews, Chowders, and Bean Soups

Root Vegetable Stew

Root Vegetable Stew (served here with a slice of our own Jewish Rye)

Remember: these are only SAMPLES of what is available

We strongly recommend Stews and Chowders for winter buffets.   They're not nearly as much trouble to eat as you'd imagine, and they have a way of pleasantly uniting soul and body that brings a fine and healthy energy to any gathering.    Feeding Frenzy Beef Stew is stuffed full with good beef and roasted root vegetables for a rich dish that is more substantial than anything you have to eat with a knife.  We serve it with good, crusty bread.   Add a salad and you've got a meal.
I have no idea if our Cabbage Stew is precisely the cabbage stew I had and loved as a kid every Tuesday at the Grand Central Arcade Bakery in Pioneer Square, but that's when I first started tinkering with it.  Cabbage, lots of cabbage, and a fresh tomato base.  Herbs.  Lots of garlic.  And a decadent dollop of sour cream.   I can't begin to explain how warm and comforting that combination is.  You'll just have to try it...
You can see that our Roasted Root Vegetable Stew is a meal, can't you?  It's all about roots:  potatoes (reds and Yukons and others as available), sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas, onions, and so much garlic.  Because we like garlic.  It's pretty good.
Chicken Corn Chowder is hearty winter food - chicken, bacon,  potatoes, onions, sweet cream, fresh butter,  and lots and lots of corn.  It warms you right up.
Our best Navy Bean Soup uses the best locally-produced artisanal ham we've know.  Amazing ham.  Amazing soup.   Unfortunately, they only make that ham at certain times of the  year.  But, take heart, we have other sources for great ham, too.  And this other ham is pretty amazing, as well.  Our soup is full of onions and carrots and garlic and beans and ham, ham, ham.  Do you get that we like ham in our soup? 
Black Bean Soup is, because of our Brazilian influences, a specialty of Feeding Frenzy.  Very, very meaty, as a general rule, spicy and smoky.  Of course, if you're really a black bean fan, you might want to check out the Feijoada Completa in our World Food section.   Oh, cripes...  it's a sort of a black bean orgy.  This, however, is still a really nice alternative to that.
Everybody has their own recipe for Chili.   Everybody.  Even people who don't otherwise cook can manage to make a great bowl of chili.   We opt for beans, roasted, shredded pork (or chicken or beef or no meat at all).  We should remind you that we love garlic.  Also freshly toasted cumin.  You should probably get some corn bread with this.   And, hell, yes - we are perfectly happy to help you pour this over good grilled polish sausages with some onions and cheese.  That's traditional!  (Vegetarians:  we also have a source for some brilliant veggie sausages that grill up beautifully and just cry for some Feeding Frenzy Vegan chili!)